Botanical Surveys

Plant community composition, diversity, and abundance are important facets of an ecosystem.  It is no surprise that many Federal and State Agencies require plant surveys...

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Fisheries Surveys

Kirk Environmental’s staff has been conducting fish surveys on small and large streams, ponds, and lakes since the early 1990’s.  Small streams typically require...

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Stream and Wetland Restoration and Mitigation

The restoration of streams is not a novel concept.  Impacts to stream can be wide ranging, and many of them relate...

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Benthic Macroinvertebrate Surveys

Kirk Environmental biologists have conducted benthic macroinvertebrate surveys at over 600 locations across West Virginia and Virginia, and also have also conducted...

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Wetland Delineation

Performing a wetland delineation during the initial phases of development is vital to project advancement.  The regulatory fines for unmitigated wetland impacts can...

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Stream Delineation

Creek, streams, and rivers are critically valuable features of our local ecosystems and overall natural environment.  It is vital when planning a development project to know...

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Drone Surveys

Kirk Environmental is proud to offer high-definition aerial photography & videography via our FAA licensed drone operator. All you have to do is provide us with a list...

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Conservation Canine

The use of canines for biological surveying has, in many cases, been shown to reduce the time a survey takes and improve the accuracy of the results. Canines can...

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Permitting Services

We are an experienced and trusted source for your permitting assistance needs. From NPDES monitoring to environmental assessments, we are can help you move your project forward...

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Our Team

Ed Kirk
Aquatic Biologist & Wetland Scientist
Dawn Kirk
Fisheries Biologist & Managing Partner
Jason Shuttlesworth
Jacob Feltner
Crystal Bennett
Executive Assistant

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