Botanical Surveys

Plant community composition, diversity, and abundance are important facets of an ecosystem.  It is no surprise that many Federal and State Agencies require plant surveys to be completed during the planning stages of a project.  It is essential to know the locations of threatened and endangered (T&E) plant species within a project area to determining a usable route or site for construction with minimal botanical disturbances.  Conducting botanical surveys during correct season during the planning phase can save you time and money.

Our botanist Fred Huber holds a master’s degree in botany from North Carolina State University.  He has over 30 years of experience in conducting biological surveys for threatened and endangered plant species throughout Appalachia.  He is approved to survey for multiple threatened and endangered plant species in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Whether it’s Small Whorled Pogonia Isotria Medeoloides, Smooth Coneflower Echinacea laevigata, or Running Buffalo Clover Trifolium Stoloniferumwe are able to survey for and positively identify the T&E species in question, and keep your project moving forward.