Stream Delineation

Creek, streams, and rivers are critically valuable features of our local ecosystems and overall natural environment.  It is vital when planning a development project to know the boundaries and flow regimes of the stream channels within your project area.  Avoiding impacts to stream channels may not always be possible; therefore, to minimize the cost of mitigation it is crucial to have accurate and trusted delineations performed.  With over a thousand miles of stream channels delineated throughout West Virginia, Virginia, and Ohio, Kirk Environmental biologists possess the experience that few companies can provide.  In addition, we have a solid reputation with the United States Army Core of Engineers (USACE) in identifying, accurately delineating, and mapping stream channels.  So why not trust our qualified staff to perform your next delineation of the Waters of the United States (“WOTUS”) and help move your project forward in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Recent Updates to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Guidelines:

Did you know that as of January 23, 2020 U.S. Army Corps of Engineer guidelines stipulate that ephemeral stream channels are no longer to be considered jurisdictional Waters of the United States (“WOTUS”)?



An Example of a  Google Earth Aerial Imagery Delineation Map.


An Example of a Topographical Stream Delineation Map.


Field Personnel Conducting Stream Delineations.